Göttsche, Dirk / Dunker, Axel (Eds.): (Post) Colonialism across Europe

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This volume makes a substantial contribution to developing Comparative Postcolonial Studies within Europe. Theoretical inquiry into the diversity and interconnectedness of European colonial histories and postcolonial conditions combines with new approaches to conceptualizing internal European (post-) colonialisms, and case studies and comparative studies of the literature and culture of a broad range of countries and language areas, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, the former Habsburg region and the Baltics, along with the German language area, Britain and France. Authors consider the repercussions of overseas colonialism across Europe, postcolonial migration, multiculturalism and postcolonial politics of memory, as well as the interface between colonialism and nationalism and the innovative cross-mapping of postcolonial research and Memory Studies. Transnational and comparative approaches are used to shed new light on the relationship between global developments and regional specificities, along with the interaction between (post-) colonial memory and (national) identity from the nineteenth century to the present day.


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