Hartner, Marcus / Schulte, Marion (eds.): Migration in Context: Literature, Culture and Language

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Migration is an intrinsic part of human history. The movements of people across various types of borders have contributed to shape the nations, languages, and cultures of this planet and still continue to do so to the present day. Due to the many forms, facets, and the long history of migratory movements, the academic investigation of migration processes goes far beyond the scope of any single discipline and needs to be conducted from multiple perspectives. This volume contributes to the study of migration by presenting diverse approaches and case studies from British and American literary and cultural studies, linguistics, and didactics. By drawing on a rich assortment of topics, methods, and theories from these different fields of research, it aims to illustrate the conceptual diversity inherent in the study of migration, but also highlights the many cross-disciplinary affinities and connections between approaches in these different areas of research.

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